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“Why is this joke not working?”

“How can I get more hits from this topic?”

“Help! I need to give a wedding speech!”

“How do I make a business presentation funny?” 

Teaching credits:

  • AMERICAN COMEDY INSTITUTE,  NYC  -  Instructor, Stand-Up Comedy 

  • IMPROVOLUTION THEATER, NYC  -  Instructor, International Corporate Improv Team -       Clients include: HBO / Turner Sports, FENDI, Ropes & Gray

  • WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY, NJ  -  Professor, Comedy Improv

One on one writing sessions – price per hour and further info -  please contact her using the contact page on this site if you have questions or to make an appointment.

With her ability to write a joke on any topic and ‘punch’ up material, Becky has become known on the comedy scene as the “Joke Fluffer”, consulting with comedians to improve their stand-up sets.


Becky uses her natural talent for focusing in on and understanding humor in the emotional; the quirky; the human; the painful and the absurd. Her acknowledged compassion and generous professional support have made her a popular collaborator among established names, debut comics and comedy enthusiasts alike, as well as her contemporaries and colleagues on the NYC scene.

She works from her office by phone, with online face time, or by appointment in the NYC area.

Contact her now for further details, pricing, and to schedule a date.


Think About What Matters to You As a Comic..

"As a comic, ask yourself what defies your sense of reason,” says New York stand-up veteran Becky Veduccio. “This should be different based on the individual. Talk about what matters to you. Talk about what is true to your life. If you don’t care about what you are talking about, why should the audience?”

Learn what your sense of humour says about you.

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